Photographing Philippe Starck

By Allen McEachern. 

Today I am in Montreal.

I have been hired by an agency that specializes in media and public relations.

My mandate is to photograph 2 events in the day of celebrity designer Philippe Starck.

Mr. Starck is in Montreal to kick off the construction of a new condo development of his design.

10am-12pm - Ground breaking ceremony and press conference. Position battles with other media. Photos are sent to the client minutes after the event wraps. Images will be used as handouts for media.

5 à 7 in the showroom. Philippe, food, and cocktails. An opportunity to learn more about the project. Meet other key principals. Classic event photography - groups, candids, portraits, action and ambiance, food and drink, documentary. Image delivery within hours. 

Media and public relation professionals are good contacts for me.

2013-05-21_18252624_photo _by_Allen_McEachern.jpg