2 Great Books for Commercial Photographers

By Allen McEachern

I recently completed reading two excellent books that I think all photographers should read THE 48 LAWS OF POWER and THE ART OF SEDUCTION. Both are part of a five part series by American author Robert Greene, that also includes: MASTERYTHE 33 STRATEGIES OF WAR, and THE 50TH LAW. All are available on Amazon.ca (yep - affiliate links!).

THE 48 LAWS OF POWER: I loved reading this book because of what it conveys. Power has always been a human pursuit through our collective history. People will try to bend situations to their favour, to manipulate, and take advantage. Cynical, I know, but unfortunately true as well. THE 48 LAWS OF POWER defines tactics for power accumulation framed within historical references. I recommend this book to photographers (or any freelance creative) due to a few reasons: 1. We often work within our own bubbles so it can be hard to be objective at times about the actions of others. 2. We are in business, so we need to understand the market and who is in it. 3. Recognizing when someone is manipulating you can swing the odds in your favour.  Consider client relations or negotiating. 4. Understanding the actions of others makes it easier to offer them what the are seeking. I could go on and on...simplified version...THE 48 LAWS OF POWER helps you discover the motives behind the actions of others in business and life.

THE ART OF SEDUCTION: Who doesn't want to be more charming, or seductive. A soft approach can be inviting. Again, Greene uses historical references to highlight the various character types employing seductive tactics. I recommend this book to photographers / creatives because of the power of the message. People use seduction to influence others. Understanding the personalities of seductive people will  better prepare you to defend against manipulation and offer you tools to achieving your goals. It all sounds  evil in a way, I know. But i think that the more we understand about others, the easier it is to communicate our goals, and needs. Communication, understanding, and competence are relevant in good business practice. Especially when offering services to create content for marketing and sales. 

Have you read either of these books or others by Robert Greene. Let me know your thoughts.