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By Allen McEachern

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By Allen McEachern. 

I recently posted a list of the "10 Things I Love About Being a Commercial Photographer." Number eight on that list was "Lifestyle." I love living in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, and I love having the time to explore this beautiful part of the world. I love to hike, snowboard, camp, canoe, and the list goes on. I have always been attracted to nature, finding it to be the closest thing I can relate to a religion. 

Over the last few years, I have been working on a person project that I call Abstract Nature. To me, Abstract Nature is the subtle details of the natural world. Contrast, pattern, chaos, lines, colours, you get the idea. My goal is to show these details in a context that engages the viewer, making them interested enough in the simplicity of the images to ask what is that they are looking at?

Today, I have posted some of my favourite images from this collection via my "Prints For Sale" gallery. Please let me know your thoughts. Merci!

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