Loreal Fashion Week

2 stop strategy – Day two in the pit. LG Fashion Week. Toronto.

LG Fashion Week / Toronto - April 1, 2010. I am sitting in the photographer's pit working during the Coccolily show. Next to me is this pot bellied boorish idiot shouting out obcenities and insults to the models that are coming down the runway towards us. Judging by the expressions on the model's faces it is very clear that they are hearing everything. I don't understand how any one considering themselves a professional photographer could act in such a disgusting manner. Shut your mouth and keep it to yourself. I am sure that I am not the only one who walked away that day thinking you were a total ass. I won't forget your name. Ego is what we all need to succeed, but it can destroy you as well.

2 stop strategy - Day one in the pit. LG Fashion Week. Toronto.

LG Fashion Week / Toronto - March 31st, 2010.

One thing that I love about photography; there are all kinds of photographers.

Arriving three days into this country's major fashion event is not a good way to make new photographer friends. Pity those who show up fresh tomorrow. I hope that they are not from Quebec, like me.

No one loves the guy who comes from out of town to shoot what they can shoot. Welcome to Toronto. " Anyone want gum," says a friendly soul as she shuffles seats for the umpteenth time.

I love the older newspaper guys. They know what it's like. Just speak loudly. These folks are problem solvers. They'll help you. Just speak loudly. Eye contact helps a lot too. Say your last name right after your first.