Inside Montreal's Metro

These images represent a portion of a larger corporate image bank that I created for the L'Autorité Régionale de Transport Métropolitain (ARTM). A wonderful example of public works design in Canada during 1960’s and 70’s.

Domain St.Bernard, Mont-Tremblant


By Allen McEachern.

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Original Artwork Certificate of Authenticity

By Allen McEachern.



A certificate of authenticity is an important document that accompanies every fine art image that I sell. The certificate lists the name of the piece, the date it was created, and the date it was printed. It also includes the number of the print if it is a limited edition series and bears my signature and date. This document informs my clients that I stand behind my work and that my limited editions are tracked and documented. Certificates of authenticity also serve as a warrantee. Click on the certificate image above to view the limited edition fine art print series I am currently offering.


By Allen McEachern

Following my failed crowd funding campaign, a number of people have contacted me to buy prints directly from the series. Click on the image below to link to the full series that I will present on July 30th at Les Mots Tremblant. 

Vernissage - ABSTRACT NATURE - 30 July, 2015

Vernissage 5á7 30 Julliet 2015 - Les Mots Tremblant. Come have a glass of wine, some tapas and a chat. I would love to see you all! - Allen McEachern.


On July 30th, 2015, I will present my first solo photography exhibition in 8 years. I am really excited. I have partnered with the wonderful wine bar / book store Les Mots located in the Old Village of Mont-Tremblant. The exhibition is title ABSTRACT NATURE and will include 11 images from this on-going series. Six of the eleven images will be printed at 32"x48" and five images will be sized 20"x30". All of the images are direct prints on acrylic. To help cover the cost associated with printing and exhibiting this series I am using KICKSTARTER  to raise funds. 

If you would like to find out more about my project, or to make a contribution to my campaign please click here.

Here are a few of the larger images I will be presenting...



By Allen McEachern.

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By Allen McEachern

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Photography Prints For Sale

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By Allen McEachern. 

I recently posted a list of the "10 Things I Love About Being a Commercial Photographer." Number eight on that list was "Lifestyle." I love living in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, and I love having the time to explore this beautiful part of the world. I love to hike, snowboard, camp, canoe, and the list goes on. I have always been attracted to nature, finding it to be the closest thing I can relate to a religion. 

Over the last few years, I have been working on a person project that I call Abstract Nature. To me, Abstract Nature is the subtle details of the natural world. Contrast, pattern, chaos, lines, colours, you get the idea. My goal is to show these details in a context that engages the viewer, making them interested enough in the simplicity of the images to ask what is that they are looking at?

Today, I have posted some of my favourite images from this collection via my "Prints For Sale" gallery. Please let me know your thoughts. Merci!

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Pie Day Montreal Downtown Photo Take 03.14