Photographe Commercial a Mont-Tremblant

5 Reasons For A Good Portrait...

By Allen McEachern.

A good portrait can do you a lot of favours. Ask yourself, when was the last time you updated your professional profile picture? Are you using an image from 10 years ago? Are people going to be surprised when they meet you in person? It might be time to update. Here are five reasons to do it now...

1. We all age, it's part of life. Not accepting this is a major mistake in business. Imagine you are to meet someone for a contract. You do your background and look into their on-line identity...usually accompanied by a photo or two...then you meet and the person looks nothing like their on-line portrait. Wow, you have aged...

2. People trust people who are confident. Show a strong, confident and current photo. Establish trust before you even meet.

3. Professional photographers will see things that you don't. Allowing someone trained in looking at people objectively might capture the true you. 

4. This one is a bit dark, but nonetheless true. Say you die tomorrow. Could happen. What will be the picture for your obituary? I know, crazy thought process, but listen...I have been contacted numerous times by grieving family members asking me to "photoshop" a picture for a funeral...something to think about.

5. A professional portrait for business is tax deductible. Engaging photographers helps the local economy.

Here is a portrait I recently shot for a member of the Save The Children Board of Directors

Tremblant Event Photography - Chambre De Commerce Pre-Gala

By Allen McEachern

Two of my favourite annual events to photograph are the Mont-Tremblant Chambre de Commerce Pre-Gala and following Gala d'Excellence. These two events are about a month apart. The Pre-Gala is a casual 5-7 cocktail where the finalists from various categories are revealed. The categories range from Employee of The Year to Business of The Year. The Gala d'Excellence is a more formal affair, with each year having a specific theme. Last year was the 1920's, this year is a Masked Ball. The winners of each category will be announce and honoured for their achievements and contributions to the community. I enjoy these events because of the members of the CCM-T. Mont-Tremblant is a small community, with a tight business network. Many of the members have known each other since grade school. The dynamic is fun, relaxed, but business like. This relaxed approach to business networking is great. People are more at ease, which creates more opportunity to connect.  Below are a few shots from the night. There are many more of my photos from the night on the CCM-T Facebook page.


Mont-Tremblant Photographer & Karen Sampson

By Allen McEachern


Someone once asked me what my elevator pitch was. I replied..."I help companies of all sizes visually communicate their brands, products, and services with their current, and potential clients." This past week I had the wonderful experience of helping a Mont-Tremblant based small business owner visually communicate. Meet Karen Sampson. Karen is a dynamic person in almost constant motion. She teaches swimming to my children, that is how we met. Karen also gives numerous outdoor aerobic classes at Domain St.Bernard throughout the week. I joined  her to documented two of her classes. My mandate was to create a series of images that Karen could use in her social media marketing. My focus was on the diversity of her clientele, the natural beauty of where she teaches and to capture a few great shots of her in motion, along  with a headshot or two. 


By Allen McEachern

Shot for an editorial in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. 

C2-MTL - 2014

By Allen McEachern.

What a great week of inspiration, innovation, and experimentation...

Marche Jean-Talon, Montreal

Audi Driving Experience - Estérel, Quebec

The Audi Winter Driving Experience featuring the 2014 Audi S4 and S5. Multiple course layouts right on Lac Masson. Shot for Audi Magazine / Audi Canada.


Slopestyle - Stoneham


Halfpipe Finals - Stoneham

Photo Don pour Centraide Avec Rouge Marketing Mont-Tremblant

Gala de mode et concert - La Fondation La Traversée - Mont-Tremblant 23.11.13.  for all the photos from the night.